The Mindset

A lot of people find themselves stuck somewhere they don’t belong. They might be alive but definitely not living life . Mma is a sport which is considered violent, savage, even gory by many. But what most people don’t know is that most fighters didn’t join mma because they wanted to fight, rather some were […]

No Egos Please

BJJ and MMA is one of the best example of team sport. You need your coach, your training partners, your support staff etc., to be anywhere near successful. The people around you MATTER. When egos come into play, things are bound to go downhill. A few commandments that I have seen other practitioners use, and [...]


I always like to deal in levels, whether in sport or even in life. Levels in complexity, skill etc. BJJ has got so many levels that to a lower ranked practitioner like me, it is difficult to even look very far. Half Guard as a position in BJJ for me was always more of a […]

Best “weight room” exercises for MMA

Being a strength and conditioning coach and being addicted to weights, before I became a BJJ and MMA fanatic, I have had the opportunity to try and study various strength and conditioning routines and exercises. Personally I do not like spending unnecessary time in the gym. My workouts are always direct and focused with my […]

Yoga and Combat Sports

I recently attended a yoga workshop. It was a 2 hour session, and at the end of it I was exhausted. Exhausted way more than I have been while sparring BJJ even. All I could do upon completion was to return home and sleep the entire afternoon. Next day everything hurt. And the worst part […]

The right gym for you

I’m sure, especially nowadays with the high popularity of MMA and the subsequent rise of MMA academies, there is a lot of confusion regarding the authenticity of the academy you will be joining. A lot of times, your gut is the best differentiator. But there can be a few very basic guidelines which you can […]

Is Kickboxing for you?

When it comes to stand up fighting sports, there are plenty to choose from, and everyone favors their respective sport. I’m not much different, and hopefully the next few lines will explain why I chose to favor Kickboxing. First of all, Kickboxing itself has different variety, even some pretty crappy varieties (Cardio kickboxing anyone). Plus […]



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