ICSA have come up with a self defense program which teaches a person specific defense and offense techniques and increases his fitness and awareness.

Self defense is a form of counter attack that involves protecting oneself from anyone who is trying to cause physical harm. Self defense is a legal justification where attack is made in self protection when the other person is trying to harm in the form of attack, physical abuse, etc. Physical self defense is the use of physical force to counter attack an immediate form of harm by goons, enemies, etc.

A wide variety of self defense can be used for protection. The most suitable type depends on the threat that is presented to the victim or victims, and the experience of the defender. Legal restrictions also apply when someone is trying to defend themselves


Self Defense Classes in Bangalore


When we talk about self defense one can use objects like keyrings, newspapers, bats, utensils and any other tools. Some weapons like tie-wraps can prove to be very effective. Other common tools like ballpoint pen, umbrellas, and deodorants are other forms of concealed weapons which can be used to defend one.


Mental self-defense is the ability of getting oneself to get into the mode of defending oneself to protect from others trying to harm in any way. There are different forms of defense training in Bangalore which includes avoidance which is avoid any kind of harmful environment, situation, places, etc. A lot lately has been spoken about it where SOS messages are sent to close ones with information of people, locations, etc.


One of the best legal aspects of self defense is our law encourages individuals specially women when confronted with immediate danger like rape, physical harassment, attacks, etc. Our judicial system has initiated many systems which allow people to protect themselves against goons, thieves, murderers, etc.


ICSA has a system based combat system which allows our trainers to equip individuals against any illegal attacks and protect themselves. The best thing about self defense training in Bangalore is usage of simple materials to defend one and their loved ones against any kind of external forces.


Learning with us has been the single most factor to get enrolled with our self defense classes in bangalore to be the best in the field of different forms of combat arts and self defense. Any questions with regards to the self defense classes in Bangalore please get in touch with us and we can make the best arrangements based on your schedule.



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