Functional fitness and high intensity workouts, designed to max out your cardiovascular as well as muscular system

Strength and conditioning of the body is a fitness program which has a single motive of improving the overall fitness of the individual. A certified strength and conditioning specialist uses exercises to improve the performance of competitive athletes, injury prevention and boost their strength and combat skills.

Strength and conditioning coaches may work with individuals or with different sport teams. Most of the times these certified strength and conditioning specialist are employed by institutions which require a lot of physical activity or by professional athletic teams. Strength and conditioning coaches have the option to specialize in different sports, type of training, training philosophy, etc. The general description and responsibilities of strength and conditioning coach is to develop and execute an strength and conditioning certification program that modulates aerobic, resistance, flexibility training to specifically suit the metabolic and physical demands of the sport in question.

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist – Bangalore

Research based on results has clearly demonstrated that not only training improves performance but if incorrect training methodologies are implanted can cause decrements to performance. Using techniques such as plyometrics with some high power athletes and sport-specific trainings in others, strength trainers may improve physical and athletic performance in an individual or a team.  Such kind of training work-outs needs to be on a routine and followed religiously by all concerned individuals who are part of the action plan.

In ICSA we have such kind of strength and conditioning programs based on the fitness of an individual. We first understand the current fitness level before working out a fitness regime for an individual because no two human beings are same and neither are their fitness levels. Our certified strength and conditioning specialist in Gym like ours will make sure that trainees are less prone to injuries by following the instructions provided by the coaches. Our certified strength and conditioning specialist have the highest level of recognitions and have the respect of many sportspersons over a long period of time. For individuals who are not sure whether such programs are useful for them or not may contact us and we will chalk out a strength and conditioning certification plan which can definitely improve the strength and fitness level of the person over a period of time.



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