Wrestling is a grappling art that focuses on how to take down and take control of opponents

Wrestling is one of the oldest combat sports in India where grappling techniques are used like clinch fighting, joint locks, takedowns, grappling holds and pins. This sport is a genuinely competitive sport and is also displayed for entertainment purposes. A regular wrestling bout is a physical competition between two individual who attempt to gain a superior position by pinning the other person down. There are a wide range styles and techniques with varied rules combining traditional and modern styles. A lot of these wrestling techniques have been incorporated in different martial art forms as well as hand to hand combat competitions.

Wrestling is one of the oldest forms of combat which goes back as old as 15000 years which is learnt through cave arts in France. Even in Indian mythological epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana displays a lots of resembles in wrestling. The ancient Romans incorporated a lot from the Greek style of wrestling which eliminated a lot of its brutality.

Wrestling Classes in Bangalore

ICSA has the expertise and the knowledge to empower newcomers to teach the art of wrestling classes in bangalore and help them excel in this form of art. We not only train wrestling in bangalore but get them to the next level so that they can take on the wrestling world by storm. Getting trained from us has been the motive and the eagerness of many individuals. Our wrestling trainers in bangalore are well accomplished in this form of combat and have achieved the highest regard in this oldest form of combat.

We understand that many aspirants have lot of questions about this form of combat and we can provide the example of our medal winners and International championships. Great achievements have been made in wrestling in Bangalore and even women have shown a lot of interest in this sport and want to excel in every form of it. Our wrestling classes in bangalore are very effective and safe when someone compares it with other centers. Let’s embrace this form of combat and encourage the young aspirants to take up this form of sport where they can represent our country in the international level and take us to higher limits.

We welcome all kinds of questions in our training methods and techniques and yes safety is definitely taken into consideration in our wrestling classes in bangalore. ICSA has been a renowned name in different types of combat sports including wresting, mixed martial arts, kickboxing, self defense style techniques. Our reviews has been very encouraging in all our courses and trainers, and is respected as one of the best wresting training centre in Bangalore and other parts of India.



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